Travelling is an expensive way to live. My dream would be to earn a living thanks to my daily work as a filmmaker. I am therefore proposing my production services to finance this world tour.

I am constantly seeking to enlarge my experience and meet new people. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, in a group or on your own, I would be pleased to work with you. Please note that I will always prioritise collaborative projects that imply a certain degree of back and forth exchange and creation. Indeed, I am particularly interested in being a part of a project and participating in its success.

Here are the services I am ready to propose and put at your disposal

  • Aftermovies / video reports : I can cover any type of event (sports, cultural, musical…)
  • Short films : Do not hesitate to call me to make and edit your video projects, especially ski/snowboarding videos and other extreme sports
  • Promotional videos : If it is constructed and delivered correctly, video represents a brilliant communication medium. Put every chance on your side and benefit from a quality video that promotes your activities effectively (tourism, organisations, any kind of shop/store, hotel, restaurant…)
  • Music videos : Although I am a good fan of hip hop, I am open to all propositions. I am always motivated to bring a song to life with a quality music video !
  • Interviews : I can also offer the filming of an interview with my quality filming material, as well as a high quality recorder (Zoom H4n)
  • Weddings and other family occasions : With my equipment, I can also naturally film important life changing events, and immortalise them in as clean a way as possible