While we are obsessed with economic progress and growth, our society grows insane and our planet is slowly crumbling. The media invades us with myriad images of war, disasters, and violence, leading to an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness. When they don’t do this, they feed us with publicity, persuading us to consume more and more. Of course, it is important to inform people and denounce the gravity of the situation, yet people are tired of only hearing the bad news.

In this environment, what ‘s up on Earth tries to show you the pretty face of the world.


My name is Elian Perrot, I’m a 23-year old video maker from Toulouse, France. In 2013, having finished my studies, I travelled to the other side of the world, in New Zealand, to give my life some deep thought. Fuelled by my passion for hiking and wild landscapes, I was stupefied by this beautiful country where, over the course of several months, I roamed the roads and mountains with my drone and my camera.

This trip ended up revealing my passion for photography, video making and video editing, all of this combined with a certain desire to travel and explore. Furthermore, it allowed me to find my true path and gave me the motivation to fully apply myself to a whole new professional project. This is how What’s up on Earth was born.

Therefore I sincerely believe in the importance of travelling, on a professional development level, but also as a matter of self-realisation. Being a master of your future and escaping the typical life path dictated by society is a need anyone will feel at some point. A flaming desire to get out on the beaten path, run away, and explore new horizons, with all this world has to offer.

What’s up on Earth is directed towards nature lovers, travellers, and people who are wondering about the future of society and our planet, but also their own.