What’s up on Earth is a videographical project that promotes the discovery of the world that surrounds us. The main idea is to film the most beautiful places on earth, that most people won’t ever have the chance to witness. This project is motivated by my desire to share my passion for films, to strike people’s minds, to awake emotions and make people aware of the values that I cherish and believe in. In this way, What’s up on Earth has multiple objectives

  • Remind people that our planet is buzzing with amazing places and that it is necessary to preserve them.
  • Develop an optimistic approach based on solutions and not only on problems
  • Give young adults the desire to travel, build their personality, and think carefully before deciding what kind of life to live
  • Convince people to willingly take part in an ecological venture, by personal conviction
  • Promote a more enriching kind of tourism, based around nature and culture
  • Incite the viewer to wonder, and open up to the world, challenging the comfort of a standard first-world life.

The message I wish to spread is more or less what I feel in front of nice landscapes, namely « Look what we have, you want to keep it ? Then do something”I am convinced that positivity is the only way to be fully happy and move forward. It is with this vision in mind that I am embarking on a solitary world tour, which will be spread out and filmed over four years.


Slow travel represents my philosophy of travel, I would like to take my time to discover a country in depth, integrate myself completely in a society to better understand its culture. I do not have any real deadline, and so I will be able to modify my itinerary depending on the different opportunities that arise. In terms of photography and filming, this flexibility represents a considerable advantage.

To spread my message, I will organized my productions in several formats in such a way that it will cover art, culture, nature and travelling.

  • Web TV : Hosted on my YouTube channel, a web TV allows spectators to follow the adventure step by step. Each episode compiles landscapes, scraps from everyday life, but also cultural scenes from the different countries of the world. With regular posts, the main goal is to create a link with the viewers and make them want to know more about the project.
  • Best of : To complement the youtube channel, I am also going to make a short film showcasing each country’s uniqueness. The goal is to promote as best as possible the given country and its culture.
  • Special issues : The other main attribute of the project is spontaneity, letting myself be guided by opportunities and meeting new people, and therefore producing videos that don’t necessarily fall in line with my usual competences.
  • Alternatives : I would also like to dedicate some of my productions to economical, ecological and social alternatives that thrive in different places in the world. Many people want to save the world, but very little people actually try. As an amateur filmmaker, I want to contribute to this by diffusing this message started by the people who never waited to act.
  • My playlist : Aside from my own productions, I will also share videos of extreme sports, art, landscapes and alternatives to globalisation.