Who am I

I am Elian, a 28-years old videographer from Toulouse, France. 

I was 21 years old when I graduated of a bachelor degree in quality control in the food industry, but I already knew it wasn’t going to be my path.

I then had two options, embarking in what I knew would be a deadlock or take some time to think about the future. In 2014, I decided to pack my bag and flew to New-Zealand in the frame of a working holiday visa. This 10 months trip ended up revealing my passion for photography and videography, all of this combined with a certain desire for adventure and exploration.

When I came back home I felt the need of using this new passion to do something meaningful. I was preoccupied by the situation of the world and I saw the opportunity to use video as a mean to spread messages and foster change. This is how in 2015, the project What’s up on Earth was born.

What’s up on Earth

For the past 5 years, What’s up on Earth has strived to unravel the beauty of our planet, whether this beauty is driven by the diversity of humans or by the grandiosity of nature. 

I started this journey in Quebec in 2016, and since I have let myself flow with encounters and rising opportunities. I ended up slowly driving my campervan down to Panama before sailing across the Pacific. Now that I returned home, I am currently working on the concrete outcome of this important chapter of my life, which will take the shape of a documentary series, based on my personal journey.