My name is Elian PERROT and I am a filmmaker from Toulouse, France. At the age of 21 I decided to embark on a journey to New Zealand on a working holiday visa. In the following ten months I discovered my profound interest in filmmaking and the strong desire to travel, learn, tell stories and explore all that life has to offer. Further fueled by my growing concerns for the critical situation of society and the planet, I was inspired to start a meaningful project that would embody my new skills, express my deepest values and fulfill my purpose: What’s Up on Earth was born.


From 2016 to 2021, I have spent five years traveling in the frame of this project. Driven by the flow of encounters and my search for meaning, I have interviewed a broad range of fascinating people as I explored some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet. I am now back to France to work on a docuseries that will gather all my films, before the journey continues…

What’s up on Earth strives to unravel the wonders of our planet​, from the beauty of nature to the diversity of humans. From Canada to Panama, through Polynesia and East Africa. On foot, by road and across the ocean, this series takes you on a 5 year journey filled with a wide variety of adventures and human encounters.

Through my lens as a young traveler, and through the eyes of the people I interview, this voyage invites us to reflect on our own beliefs and ways of being. With What’s up on Earth, I intent to use filmmaking as a means of spreading inspiring messages, awakening emotions, raising awareness on environmental and social challenges while encouraging self discovery and fostering change.