» Contemplate the beauty and diversity of humans and nature through the journey of a passionate filmmaker « 

From Canada to Panama, through Polynesia and East Africa. On foot, by road and across the ocean, What’s up on Earth takes you on a five year journey of adventure and human encounters.

On my search for meaning and purpose, I have interviewed fascinating people from around the world as I explored some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. I have strived to showcase the beautiful diversity of both humans and nature as I have let my path be shaped by the flow of encounters and emerging opportunities. This is my voyage, welcome onboard. 

In the process of finding a producer, I have to create a pilot episode that will embody the rest of the series.  A lot of work still lies ahead and I need your help to bring this project to life. This trailer is launching the crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming docuseries. I hope you enjoy it.

The outcome of 5 years of filming

After spending the last 5 years traveling and filming around the world, I am now working on a documentary series that will retrace my personal journey and gather all my films. This series is for all travelers and nature lovers. It speaks to everyone who is concerned about the future of the planet and our society, but also to those wondering about their own path.

The docuseries What’s up on Earth uses filmmaking as a means to spread inspiring messages, stir emotions, raise awareness on environmental issues and explore the many facets of the human condition (emotions, growth, conflicts, opinion, consciousness, aspiration, purpose etc). What’s up on Earth invites us to reflect on our own beliefs and brings special attention to the way we interact with one another as well as our relationship with ourselves, society, and nature.

A first collection of 20 episodes will bring together all my films since 2016, while the series carries on with new episodes as further projects and opportunities arise. The journey has only just begun.