Elian Perrot

Canada Special issues Videos

Cherry Pickers | Okanagan Valley

28 septembre 2017

Imerge yourself into the life of a cherry picker in this 3 minute video.
A unique and unexpected experience, a memorable lifestyle built on teamwork and living in the moment…

Cuba Special issues Videos

Viñales, Cuba – Drone Footage

26 septembre 2017

Here is some sunset drone shots, from Cuba’s countryside !

Let’s get some fresh air in Viñales, a beautiful little town full of character and surrounded by amazing landscapes !


Cuba Special issues Videos

La Havana, Cuba – Drone Footage

15 août 2017

Here is some drone shots made with the DJI Mavic Pro at La Havana, Cuba.

Music : Emancipator_Periscope Up (

Canada Festivals Special issues Videos

Music Festival | Co-Incidences

22 janvier 2017

For the last few months, I have been part of a NPO (no for profit organization) in Montreal that offers an alternative community based way of life built on…

Canada Special issues Videos

Montreal’s summer | With Alex Vizeo

7 décembre 2016

With the french blogger Alex Vizeo, we wanted to show you why we love Montreal so much. We chose some places we found wirth sharing and I followed him…