To the Yukon – Webserie E19

  • 27 mars 2019

Webserie Episode 19 – To the Yukon

Right after the Sunshine coast trail, we started our journey to the Yukon Territory, a 30 hours roadtrip through Canada’s wildest landscapes, via the Alaskan Hightway.

After 4 days and 3000km, we made it up to White Horse, Yukon’s capital and only city, before heading towards Kluane and Tombestone. Yukon’s territory has the smallest population of any province or territory in Canada, with about 36,000 residents. Located west of Alaska, it has a subarctic climate, characterized by long cold winters and brief warm summers.

Yukon is wild, unpopulated and host some of the most impressive landscapes in Canada.

Music : La Femme – Elle ne t’aime pas (