Elian Perrot

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DENALI, Alaska – Webserie E20

8 avril 2019

Webserie Episode 20 – DENALI

I am now in Alaska, I just joined two friends on the way. We planed to do a 3 days hike in Denali, a large…

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To the Yukon – Webserie E19

27 mars 2019

Right after the Sunshine coast trail, we started our journey to the Yukon Territory, a 30 hours roadtrip through Canada’s wildest landscapes, via the Alaskan Hightway.

After 4 days and…

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Sunshine Coast – Webserie E18

13 mars 2019

Webserie Episode 18 – Sunshine Coast

Trail After a roadtrip on Vancouver Island, my best friend from France joined me in Canada for a couple of week. We started our…

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White Rockies – Webserie E17

6 mars 2019

Webserie episode 17 – White Rockies

After the end of the grape picking season in the Okanagan Valley (BC), I had two weeks off before starting my new job in…

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Vancouver Island – Webserie E16

20 février 2019

Webserie episode 16 – Vancouver Island

After cherry picking in the Okanagan valley, my friends and I went for a roadtrip in Vancouver Island, located in the southwestern corner of…