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Sunshine Coast – Webserie E18

13 mars 2019

Trail After a roadtrip on Vancouver Island, my best friend from France joined me in Canada for a couple of week. We started our journey with the Sunshine Coast, a region of the southern mainland coast of British Columbia, just northwest of Vancouver.

After waiting a few days for good weather conditions, we finnaly started The Sunshine Coast Trail, which it is the longest hut-to-hut hiking trail in Canada. This trail traverses a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal shorelines, along creeks and lakes, through old growth forests to panoramic mountaintops. It took us 5 days to hike half of the 180km original trail. We spent two nights inside the huts, and two others under the stars, falling asleep with sound of nature and waking up with sunshines. A great experience that brings you back to nature and make you forget about the civilization.

Music : Nym – Come Back (

Elian Perrot
Toulouse, France

My name is Elian, I have been traveling in the frame of a project called What's up on Earth for the past 5 years. Driven by my will to spread inspiring messages and foster change, What’s up on Earth strives to unravel the beauty and the diversity of our planet​, whether this beauty is driven by humans or by the grandiosity of nature.