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Synge – OEDIPE

4 avril 2016

When music meet street street art. Here’s a video of Toulouse-based duo Synge performing « Oedipe » in the abandoned housing estate of Floralies, situated north of the city and now home to hundreds of wall paintings and graffiti art. This video not only showcases a unique musical setup, but also pays hommage to an infamous area of Toulouse with a tumultuous and eventful past.

Beyond the artistic side, this video also symbolises the beginning of a dear friendship between two musicians and a film maker.

Elian Perrot
Toulouse, France

My name is Elian, I have been traveling in the frame of a project called What's up on Earth for the past 5 years. Driven by my will to spread inspiring messages and foster change, What’s up on Earth strives to unravel the beauty and the diversity of our planet​, whether this beauty is driven by humans or by the grandiosity of nature.